SUITz Tokyo Inbound Acceleration Program SUITz Tokyo Inbound Acceleration Program

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About SUITz Tokyo
Inbound Acceleration Program

This program welcomes overseas-based Climate Tech startups who wish to expand their business in Tokyo and provides the opportunities to co-create businesses with Tokyo-based companies operating in the target fields.


  1. Exploring business development opportunities with Japanese major players
    Key players from overseas venture capitals investing in Climate Tech businesses will participate in our pitch and reverse pitch events. Should there be matches, individual meetings will be held. If there is further potential for concrete business alliances and collaborations, independent investment considerations and conclusion of NDA will be offered.
  2. VCs and Experts Mentoring for Business Co-creation
    Participants can bounce business ideas with VCs and experts to lay the foundations for business co-creation with Japanese companies.
  3. Creating opportunities for promotion and presenting outcomes in Japan
    Through the program, we will provide PR opportunities using addlight's specialized ClimateTech webinars as well as SUITz and other various media outlets.

Eligibility for

Climate Tech Startups based overseas and are considering collaborating with Tokyo-based companies operating businesses in Climate Tech field.


Program Schedule

Each program will have two rounds, each lasting 5 months (including the application period), between November 2023 - March 31, 2025.

  • First Round Period:

    November 1, 2023 - March 31, 2024

  • Second Round Period:

    October 1, 2024 - February 28, 2025 (tentative)

Selected companies

SUITz Tokyo consists of two tracks: 1) SUITz TOKYO Outbound Acceleration Program and 2) SUITz TOKYO Inbound Acceleration Program. SUITz Tokyo has been selected as an affiliated project of "TOKYO SUTEAM," a startup support and development project operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and aims to maximize its impact by collaborating with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and other selected projects.

We are pleased to announce that 15 overseas startups and 6 partner companies have been selected for the first round of the (2) SUITz TOKYO Inbound Acceleration Program (a program aimed at supporting overseas-based climate tech startups who wish to expand their business in Tokyo to co-create businesses with Tokyo-based companies operating in the relevant field).

SUITz TOKYO Inbound Acceleration Program 1st round participating overseas startup companies list
(in alphabetical order)

  • Terrax
    Environmental Limited(UAE)

    Terrax transforms waste into sustainable products for the construction, events, FMCG and logistics industries. We provide the opportunity to turn hard-to-recycle materials, such as carpet, fiberglass, films and multi-layered packaging into durable, sustainable fully circular boards, beams and pipes without the use of chemical additives.

  • SmartHelio(Switzerland)

    SmartHelio is a Swiss based climate tech startup which has developed proprietary software to detect and predict technical faults in solar plants, minimizing downtime and maximizing energy production. Powered by physics-based AI algorithms, we aim to prolong the lifecycle of PV assets, de-risk solar investments and accelerate the energy transition, with the final aim of combating climate change.

  • RedSea(UAE)

    RedSea is an Agri-Climate technology solutions company specialized in climate mitigation solutions for hot climate agriculture. We are focused on developing high impact sustainable and adaptive solutions for growers – with the aim of generating a return on investment within a single crop cycle from implementation.

  • TwingTec(Switzerland)

    2 X the wind energy with only 10% of the materials. Discover TwingTec, a tech innovator, accessing extra wind resources, with a CO2 reduction potential of 5+ gigatons/year. The Wind Energy Drone harnesses the energy of stronger and more consistent winds at higher altitudes, unlocking vast offshore and decentralized potential.

  • YY ReGen(Lebanon)

    YY ReGen is an innovator in agritech and renewable energy committed to transforming the way our customers’ ventures are powered, watered, and grown, with a focus on a more affordable, less pollutive, and more regenerative approach – partnering with our clients in creating a sustainable future in our beloved region.

  • Ivvest(Saudi Arabia)

    Ivvest is solving the problem of food security and sustainability in the GCC region by leveraging our proprietary advanced indoor farming technology. We offer an innovative, scalable solution that promotes efficient, profitable, sustainable agriculture, and provides an attractive investment opportunity for individuals.

    Our solutions cost 60% less to manufacture and 40% more energy efficient enabling 5x higher ROI, 2-3 years faster payback comparing to greenhouses.

    Our unique value proposition lies in our Indoor Farming as an Investment (IFAAI) model. We offer our Capsule at a competitive price to investors, operate the farms for a monthly subscription fee, provide seeds and fertilizers, and share the net profits from produce sales.

  • Manhat(UAE)

    Manhat is a deep technology startup based in the United Arab Emirates, focusing on patented "natural water distillation" technology for sustainable water and floating farm solutions.
    Our commitment is rooted in the urgent need to combat water scarcity, reduce carbon emissions, and protect marine ecosystems from the harmful effects of brine discharge

  • InterOpera Ptd. Ltd.(Singapore)

    InterOpera is an exchange operator for environmental commodities (e.g. carbon credits and renewable energy certificates) and provides blockchain infrastructure to automate the entire spectrum of tasks, including registration, issuance, management, trading, retirement, and analysis for sustainable commodities as a standardised contract. InterOpera's mission is to digitally bridge environmental commodities and financial markets for a connected and sustainable future.

  • NovoNutrients(USA)

    NovoNutrients' microbial fermentation transforms industrial carbon emissions and hydrogen into sustainable, nutritious, high-quality protein ingredients for food and feed. The proprietary process offers a massively scalable solution to global protein demand and profitable carbon capture and utilization (CCU) to combat climate change.

  • Dynaes(France)

    Dynaes technology significantly enhances heating and cooling systems efficiency by 30-70%, aiming to reduce global CO2 emissions by 7%.
    Dynaes technology, rigorously tested by renowned independent laboratories, ensures reliable and superior performance.
    Designed for easy integration, Dynaes technology is a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution, ready for deployment today in existing thermodynamic systems.

  • Greenment(Portugal)

    Greenment grows sustainable green cities with carbon-absorbing plantable cement that enables living architecture. We integrate lush vegetation into infrastructure to purify air, conserve water, lower emissions & and reconnect urban environments to nature.

  • Cecil Earth LLC(Australia)

    Cecil is a data infrastructure platform for nature data. We process a wide range of location-specific nature data to transparently help users triangulate the truth with scientific rigor. Teams investing in nature use Cecil to collect, organise, and share complex data for high-integrity decision-making, analysis, and reporting across global standards.

  • Halo Energy
    Limited(Hong Kong)

    Halo enables our partner to provide reliable EV charging service to the market by our end-to-end electric vehicle charging solutions specializing in Energy Management Technologies that overcomes the power gap and achieves sustainable development. Halo is headquartered in Hong Kong and have branched in Australia, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Halo is currently the market leader in the operation of fast charging network in Hong Kong.

  • Rexplorer(Estonia)

    "Rexplorer is solving the energy use in buildings - that accounts to 1/3 of all energy-related GHG emissions!

    Rexplorer offers automated 3D building modelling for energy planners and architects. With our plug-in software users can instantly calculate & visualize how to transform your home or office to start producing solar energy and improve energy effectivity. "

  • Daphne Technology(Switzerland)

    Daphne Technology is a Swiss climate deep-tech company, focused on solving the greenhouse gas challenge in tough-to-decarbonise industries. The company develops technologies and scales innovative products to measure and reduce GHG emissions from industrial sources, with a portfolio approach to decarbonisation targeting GHG emission inefficiencies in power generation and energy conversion worldwide.

Partner Companies
(in alphabetical order)

  • Asahi Quality & Innovations, Ltd.
  • ENEOS Holdings, Inc.
  • Niterra Co., Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


  • First Round

    November 1, 2023 - March 31, 2024

    November 1, 2023
    Start of application
    November 13, 2023
    Briefing session
    December 22, 2023
    Application deadline
    Late December, 2023
    Document review
    Early January, 2024
    Pitch review
    Mid-December, 2024 -
    Late January, 2024
    Announcement of results
  • Mentoring

    about twice a month (January-March)

    • Seminar 1: Early January (1.5h)
    • Seminar 2: Early February (1.5h)
    • Seminar 3: Early March (1.5h)
    • Matching pitch event for partner companies: Mid-March
    • Demo day/ Social event: Late March
  • Second Round

    October 1, 2024 - February 28, 2025 (tentative)

SUITz Tokyo Inbound Acceleration Program

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